Chilled Avocado Soup

by Tokyo Terrace on August 8, 2010

Wow. What. A. Week. I sort of felt like this little frog in the midst of the corn in my parents’ garden over the past few days…

If you read Mr. Terrace’s post from a couple days ago, you may know that we have had quite a bit of excitement happening ’round these parts. Our friend’s brand new baby arrived, then there was the wine dinner at Ursula’s (you can see photos on facebook by clicking here), and I got my wisdom teeth removed. I won’t go into all the gory details, but let me just say that I don’t really want to do that again. Although, thanks to my sweet husband and mother, I have been well taken care of. I can’t quite imagine having to go through all of that while in Tokyo!

Those of you who have had your wisdom teeth removed can probably relate to my menu the past couple of days. Basically anything soft, creamy, and white. Or ice cream. This is all well and good for the first two days, but by the third day a girl gets a little restless! Since I felt well enough today to get myself up out of the chair I’ve been inhabiting since “the incident”, I decided to mix things up a little bit. My mom brought a beautifully ripe avocado home from the grocery store for me, which gave me a perfect place to start something that wasn’t mashed potatoes, vanilla pudding, or water.

So, into the blender went the avocado, some greek yogurt, milk, lemon juice, lime juice, cilantro, fish sauce, hot sauce and a sprinkle of salt. Within 5 minutes I had a creamy bowl of green goodness just waiting to be eaten. We are also enjoying some very humid weather today in Minnesota, so a chilled soup was absolutely perfect for lunch.

Hopefully this Chilled Avocado Soup will tide everyone over until I get back to cooking again! The next post will be the first of a series about the wine dinner at Ursula’s Wine Bar & Cafe, so make sure to stay tuned!

Chilled Avocado Soup

Makes 4 appetizer-sized servings

1 1/2-2 ripe avocados

1 cup plain Greek yogurt

1 cup 1% milk

juice from half a lemon

juice from half a lime

1 tablespoon fish sauce

1/4 cup cilantro leaves

1 1/2 teaspoons Tabasco sauce or other hot sauce

Combine everything in a blender and pulse until broken down. Then blend until smooth. Taste and adjust seasonings as necessary. Spoon into small bowls and garnish with a cilantro leaf. (If you don’t plan to eat this right away, store in the fridge until ready to eat.)

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  • Jfishler08

    That looks delicious – and so beautiful! Don said, “Oh yeah!” :)
    Glad you're starting to feel better. I remember that experience too well…
    Also remember your mom's (my poor little sister was in such pain)!
    Looking forward to the recipes from your big night at Ursula's. <3
    Love you,
    Aunt J

  • Fuji Mama

    Glad to know you're hanging in there! Poor thing! Getting your wisdom teeth out is awful. I'm printing this recipe off and giving it to my mom. I'll be requesting that she make it for me next month because I'm having my tonsils taken out. The joys of surgery.

  • Tokyo Terrace

    Good luck with your surgery! Yeah, it’s pretty miserable having any work done in your mouth. I hope the soup tastes as good to you as it did to me!

  • Tokyo Terrace

    Thanks, Jenny! I am feeling much better- the chilled avocado soup had something to do with it, but so did my wonderful mom and my hubby :)

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