Simplicity Amidst the Chaos: Cherry Tomato, Snap Peas & a Fried Egg

by Tokyo Terrace on May 5, 2010

There are times when I wonder how it is physically (or mentally) possible to be so busy. Brad and I have both been pulled in about fifty directions over the past few weeks, leaving my kitchen and blog a little cold and lonely. From traveling to Hawaii to moving to our third apartment in the past 2 years we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. We are blessed with work and friends and fun that keep us on our toes and help us to appreciate the times when we are able to slow down and soak in some slower, more silent moments.

Our new home has become a haven for us in the midst of the chaos that is Tokyo. Coming home to an apartment with a patio surrounded with beautiful plants, filled with the sounds of chirping birds and flanked by friendly neighbors is a welcome change to our previous apartment where street noise was constant and we didn’t exactly feel welcomed by the other tenants. To be honest, it doesn’t really feel like we live in Tokyo until we leave the confines of our new little world. Me likey.

Still, in the whirlwind of our lives, simple, delicious, seasonal home-cooked meals are imperative to helping us keep our sanity. In the markets these days you can find nice little cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and fava beans galore. The foods are fresh and brightly colored which makes it perfect for spring-time dishes. For breakfast the other day, I wanted to stay true to the freshness and sweet flavors of the tomatoes and sugar snap peas. So, with a quick sautee in a little olive oil, a sprinkling of salt and pepper, and accompanied by a fried egg, my simple breakfast came together in about 5 minutes. To add a little Cinco de Mayo flare, I added some fresh cilantro leaves from my herb garden, a sprinkling of jalapeno-flavored Tabasco sauce and I was done!

I am looking forward to more simple spring meals in the coming days. Too often I find myself getting wrapped up in making dishes complex. For some reason that seems to be more impressive. However, meals like this remind me that the food itself, in its simplest form, can often be far more impressive than anything else. Simple, uncomplicated and honest.

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  • Kirstin

    Simple meals are sometimes the perfect way to come off of a busy day, and fried eggs are seriously the answer to everything. Looks awesome, good luck with everything you have going on!

  • momgateway

    Simple food and ingredients make an awesome meal—eggs are specially versatile! Looks lovely!

  • Alison (from Luther!)

    Rachael, I've been “secretly” reading your blog for months, and decided it's time I just come out with it–I love it! It's so fun to follow along with you and Brad in Tokyo, and the food always looks delectable. Thanks for sharing!

  • dining room tables

    This is a perfect breakfast! I would love to have this every morning.

  • wasabiprime

    Fantastic! I love how eggs and vegetables can make for any meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner. And with more veggies and greens coming into season, what a great set of options to choose from!

  • Jessy

    A simple and delicious meal to remind you that life is more than the sum of all its parts! A beautiful picture to describe a simple and satisfying meal. Thank you for sharing.

  • Wheels and Lollipops

    Its the simple dishes with the freshest of ingredients that usually make the palette sing :) Glad that you feel welcomed and settled in your new apt, its so important especially when its not your country.

  • Michelle @ Taste As You Go

    That looks like such a beautiful and healthy breakfast! Sometimes the simplest meals really are the best!

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