Guest Post: Prosciutto Wrapped Omelette a la Julia/Brad

by Tokyo Terrace on January 13, 2010

Wow- two guest posts in one week? I know, pretty awesome. It’s been really fun handing over the reigns of Tokyo Terrace to Rebecca for the last Cocktail Friday and now Brad (aka ‘hubs’) today. It’s given me a chance to take a step back and look at this blog from another angle and it’s been deliciously satisfying. This post was put together unexpectedly after Brad made breakfast for us the other day. I won’t tell you too much more about it except that it was a great breakfast and I hope he makes it again soon (wink wink!)

Living with an inspired foodie like Rachael has made the last five and a half years of my life, well…delicious.

Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that feeding yourself after a year’s hiatus from cooking is not pleasant. When Rachael visited home for a few weeks, I survived on some pretty bizarre meals. To redeem myself after this episode of Survivor: Tokyo, I bring you this simple recipe still in a bachelor style: created using only ingredients from our local international superstore, 7/11.

I had not planned on making anything again for Rachael’s blog, but this turned out great and I snapped a few photos before it got cold. Plus, if I can do it, anybody else can too. Returning from our morning run Sunday, I stepped into the local 7/11 to pick up Rachael’s orders: “eggs, milk, and ham.” The ham slices didn’t look very appetizing, and this little package looked at least related to prosciutto, so I tossed it in the bag and we finished our run.

A little background: My brothers and I love eggs. More often than not, we’d make ourselves egg sandwiches and omelettes for dinner when we had to fend for ourselves. I’ve probably made hundreds of “omelettes,” as in flat egg things stuffed with anything reasonable from the fridge. But watching and imitating this video from the endlessly endearing Julia Child taught me a much simpler way to do so. I gave it a shot and this is what came out of the process. Not bad eh?


Basically, Julia says to get the pan nice and hot with plenty of butter. Add the whisked eggs and immediately start swirling the pan. This is doubly difficult in our kitchen because our burners turn off if you remove the pan (safety can be annoying sometimes). To my amazement, the eggs don’t stick at all and the omelette is ready for a skilled flip in a very short time. I did try it with olive oil and found it much more difficult, even in a non-stick skillet.

Julia suggests plumping up the sides of the omelette, so I did the same while placing the prosciutto slices around the fluffy, warm eggs. To garnish, I tossed on a little parsley from Rachael’s planter and even experimented with making a little prosciutto “flower” with the last piece since she was drying her hair and I had an extra minute.

Rachael seemed to enjoy being able to sit down and have something beautiful and delicious to eat, so I imagine many more of these beauties will grace our Sunday morning tables. Enjoy, and of course, bon apetit!

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  • mylastbite

    Looks fantastic!!!

  • wasabi prime

    Ah, the international superstore, Le 7-Eleven! The proscuitto omelette looks divine! Eggs are such a simple, but elegant ingredient to use — you can’t go wrong with preparation, and they play nicely with so many different things. They’re as comfortable with handfuls of cheddar cheese, sour cream and salsa, as they are a light shaving of black truffles.

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  • Christina

    that looks delicious! I’ve never tried making an omelet with prosciutto but I will soon!

  • cocopuff1212

    Looks LOVELY, Brad! Extra credit for the prosciutto “flower. But I have a question… Does Rachael have gorgeous hair like that every morning??? Right out of shower?????

  • the lacquer spoon

    Fresh and fluffy omelette… what a comforting treat! I also rush into the shop for eggs and milk whenever my cooking needs a quick help 😉

  • njbrown

    Lovely blog, and very good work on the omelette!


  • Fuji Mama

    Fabulous post Brad! Rachael, that last picture of you is GORGEOUS!

  • Divina

    Brad, I want some of those prosciutto wrapped omelet! Fabulous idea on this one. I love eggs anytime of the day, anyway you cook it. Rachel, you look fabulous!!

  • Scott

    Nice omelette, Brad.

    I love that Julia tosses that omelette/souffle pan in the trash! Classic.

  • Tasty Trix

    Omg, how funny! Great minds and all that – I just did a Julia Child omelette post! I did the gateau omni omelette with piperade – ( Looks like I’m not the only one who got The French Chef DVDs for Christmas! How awesome – I love Julia, she’s so hilarious and wonderful and inspiring.

  • tokyoterrace

    Cocopuff1212: You are so sweet! No, my hair does NOT look like that right of the shower- just to clarify-haha 😀

  • tokyoterrace

    Fuji Mama: Thank you!

  • tokyoterrace

    Divina: Thanks for the compliment :)

  • thewhitesintokyo

    And it tasted fantastic as well. Thanks Jo!

  • thewhitesintokyo

    Rachael has a super secret eggish thing she’s going to bring out one of these days, and I can’t wait. Until then, I’ll have to try the black truffles.

  • thewhitesintokyo

    I hadn’t tried it either, but it was very natural and a nice subtle flavor when wrapped around the eggs like this. A fun, spontaneous meal.

  • thewhitesintokyo

    Oooh, I love extra credit- though I don’t give it much in my classroom.

    I’m so glad you said that. We play a perpetual game of Rachael saying she is going to cut her beautiful hair and me re-convincing her to keep it long for a little while longer. (So when should I send you the twenty bucks for helping me out with that one?)

  • thewhitesintokyo

    Fresh and fluffy just belong on Saturday mornings. Especially after a good run!

  • thewhitesintokyo

    I do have to say that Mrs. Child deserves all the credit. That little video was so fun to watch and try on my own.

  • thewhitesintokyo

    Thanks Ms. Fuji- and I agree. That was my favorite photo for sure.

  • thewhitesintokyo

    Yeah, I really didn’t know much about Julia before “the” movie last year (just a little before my time). So I’m enjoying getting to know her quarks through the wonders of You Tube.

  • thewhitesintokyo

    Well we don’t have the DVDs, but You Tube has helped quite a bit. That does sound like a good investment though. I wish I had that plateful of omelette layers you whipped up. Delish…

  • Curiouseats – Lissa

    I’d be so curious for you to do a post on your 7-Eleven store or International store as you put it. I’d be curious to see how food I think of as everyday is presented in Japan!

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