12 Days of Hors d’Oeuvres and Cocktails: Day 1

by Tokyo Terrace on November 27, 2009

Asian Beef Short Rib Sliders with Mango Slaw paired with a Zen Cocktail

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from Debi Shawcross. She is a published cook book author, cooking class instructor, and an all around lovely person who decided to embark on a project. The project involved making and blogging 12 days of holiday hors d’oeuvres and cocktails beginning just after Thanksgiving. I was so excited about this idea and when she asked me to be a part of her “12 Days” project, it took me about half a second to say ABSOLUTELY!

So, on what is usually Cocktail Friday, I am thrilled to give you the first of 12 cocktail posts in 12 days! Beginning today, Debi Shawcross (Table Talk) and myself will be giving you 12 cocktail and hors d’oeuvres pairings to serve during this time of holiday parties.

Today’s pairing is for Asian Short Rib Sliders with Mango Slaw and a Zen cocktail. With the richness of the short ribs in these beautiful sliders, the Zen Cocktail provides a kind palate cleanser that is not too sweet and won’t compete with the mango slaw. The flavors of green tea, sake and lime work together to create a simple and unique cocktail with a beautiful light green color that is perfect for an Asian inspired holiday party.

You can get the recipe for these delicious sliders from Debi’s blog, Table Talk, by clicking here.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next delicious pairing!

Zen Cocktail

Makes 2 Cocktails

4 oz. chilled sake

4 oz. vodka

2 oz. green tea (store bought or brewed and cooled)

Lime juice from 1/2 a lime


Lime wedges for garnish

Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until you can’t anymore and pour into two cocktail glasses.

Garnish the glasses with lime wedges and serve immediately.

For a large group:

Depending on how many people you have, you can mix the sake, vodka and green tea together in a pitcher before hand, saving the lime juice for the end. When someone wants a cocktail, they can make one themselves, or you can make them as needed throughout the party.

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